5+ Stars! First off The shop was in a convenient area. Though i wasn't too familiar with with the area it was int he middle of my route on the way home from work, which is great because all the other Magic Shops i know of are kind of far away from me!

The guy running the shop is down to earth, cool to talk with about magic or even just casual chatting in general. Since i'm just starting with magic its great to have someone that can not only show me how certain tricks work, but also give some pointers on my slights of hand, and info on cool quick inpromptu tricks that can still wow people on the go.

I have been collecting decks so I picked up a few i was going to order online, which we all know we can find cheaper online but i for one don't like to wait, so its great to have somewhere local where i can go and leave with the deck!

The store is small and just opening, which was fine. The shop owner Sean also said he can make you a personalized "Magic Box" a sort of kit if you will, that is catered to your style or level of magic.

I'll definitely be going back to support and pick up a few books. and get a little more training!


A.A.O. L.B.

Great service and easy to work with! Highly recommend this shop! - Kavan 5/15/17


Sean is outstanding! Nice guy, great customer service and great products. We needed some items for a retreat we were doing and could not find them anywhere. Sean came to our rescue just in the nick of time and we couldn't appreciate it more! We highly recommend him and his service! 

James Garcia

I stopped by The Magic Box while I was attending the Bellflower car show. I found Magician Sean Taylor to be very entertaining, and gracious enough to spend around 30 minutes showing some great tricks. I will definitely keep this in mind with holiday and birthday gift giving time so close.

Lori Spangler

Tq very much. I'm happy to deal with you. Good comunication , fast feedback . For me ... The magic box... are the top ten of the best seller in magic tricks . If you looking for some magic here that top ten place you must go!. Once again tq very much ....nice to deal with you.
Very entertaining and attentive to my grandson and adult children. Thank you for the quick lesson too!

D Anye Nye