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The Anverdi Non-Gimmicked Dice are the perfect give-away dice for those who want to give their audience a souvenir!

These Dice are the EXACT size, color and shape of all Anverdi Gimmicked Dice products. We have added one stealthy difference to the non-gimmicked dice that will allow you to know if you are handling the Gimmicked OR non-gimmicked dice.

The Dice come in a pack of six and include an online tutorial teaching you how to note the difference of the gimmicked from non-gimmicked dice as well as multiple versions on how to switch out the dice.
  • Exact Colors, Size and Shape as all Anverdi dice products
  • Each pack includes a set of 6 Dice
  • Available in Black, White and Mixed (Red, White & Blue)
  • Includes online Tutorial
  • Great for Give-away
  • High Quality, No Chip Dice