A Double Tour by Gabriel Werlen & Marchand de trucs & Mindbox

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Two devastating nuggets of impromptu mentalism!

In A Double Tour, Gabriel Werlen reveals two new effects that until now he had only shared with a few professionals.

Effect 1: Ultimate Free Will
You place a prediction on the table that will remain visible throughout the experience. You present three objects to a spectator and you invite him to make three choices: which object he keeps, which object he leaves on the table and which object he gives you. His choices are completely free and he can even change his mind several times if he wishes. Once the spectator's choices have been made, the prediction is revealed... it precisely describes the exact choices the spectator has just made!
  • Totally impromptu
  • No gimmicks
  • Completely free choice of the participant
  • Perfectly accurate prediction 100% of the time
  • Easy to make
Effect 2: Wisps
You will take your spectators to the border that separates imagination from reality. While you hold your closed fist in front of a spectator, the latter will visualize imaginary matches in his mind... He will freely choose how many he imagines. He will then realize that in your hands, reality meets imagination: you open your fist...it contains exactly the number of matches that the participant had visualized in his mind!
  • Impromptu (you just need to have matches with you)
  • No gimmicks
  • Completely free choice of the participant
  • Infallible
  • Easy to make
This original effect will bring a breath of fresh air to your performances. The materialization of a spectator's thoughts is something very powerful and impactful for the audience. An effect as beautiful as it is intelligent and subtle in the method.

Bonus Effect:
Heads I win, Tails you lose

Gabriel Werlen offers you a bonus effect taken from his book Iceberg.

In this routine, you will show your spectators that you are unbeatable with a coin toss... but the craziest thing is that in this game, the coin only exists in the heads of your spectators and that they are who decide which side it falls on!

Gabriel Werlen here pushes the limits of the famous Free Will method.

This effect has amazed the greatest mentalists and when you discover its diabolical secret, your face will certainly light up with a little smile of satisfaction!