Collected Almanac by Richard Kaufman

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The Collected Almanac written and illustrated by Richard Kaufman
  • 175 routines
  • Over 500 pages
  • Hardbound
  • 800 illustrations
The most incredible collection of cose-up magic ever published

Richard's Almanac was acclaimed as one of the finest newsletters ever devoted to close-up magic. All four hundred pages of the original newsletter, containing tricks from the greatest close-up magicians of our time, are reprinted in this book which contains brilliant routines from Vernon, Jennings, Slydini, Hamman, Klause, Racherbaumer, Marlo, Sankey, Maven, Cervon, Carney, Gallo, and many others, most of which have never ever been published anywhere else. This is the only place you can read them! It's a treasure trove of astounding creations in the art of close-up magic with cards, coins, and impromptu magic with everyday items such as rings, bills, spoons, pens, rubber bands, matches, dice, wristwatches, and seashells.