Sleights of Life: Essays and Anecdotes From a Performing Magician by Jim Sisti

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Sleights of Life: Essays and anecdotes from a performing magician by Jim Sisti. Foreword by Paul Green.

Jim Sisti's writing has appeared in many of magic's most prestigious periodicals, including MAGIC, Genii, M-U-M, Vanish, and others.

Sleights of Life is an anthology of some of Jim's best articles - real-world advice on performing for actual paying audiences. You'll also read some fascinating stories garnered from Jim's years of experience.

Chapters include advice about teaching magic and how to regain the spark in your performances. You'll also find practical information on how to entertain in such diverse venues as corporate events, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, restaurants, and even how to perform at outdoor functions effectively. Combined with several engaging stories from Jim's lifelong involvement with all things magic, Sleights of Life is both an entertaining and useful read.

If you're a performing magician, or aspire to be one, you'll find this book to be well worth your time.

"You cannot get more insight into the business of magic than you can with Jim Sisti. Jim is a worker. Listen to this man and your magic and your magic business will be better."
- Eugene Burger

"Do you want to know what being a working magician is all about? Talk to Jim Sisti. He has performed in so many different kinds of venues and made them all work. He knows what practical hard hitting magic is all about. The kind of magic that not only pleases an audience, but also gets him rebooked time and time again. Jim Sisti knows what he is talking about!"
- Todd Robbins

"Jim Sisti has a deep knowledge and expertise in a wide range of magic, from stage mentalism to restaurants, and is someone who is well worth listening to and learning from."
- Peter Samelson

96 pages. Softbound