Visual A.F. Magic Tricks Volume 2 by Luke Oseland

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Visual A.F. Magic Tricks Vol. 2 is the sequel to the best-selling magic book, Visual A.F. Magic Tricks by Luke Oseland.

In this specially illustrated book, you will learn 20 visual magic tricks. Perfect for social media.

Along with the written instructions, each trick has a QR code for a video tutorial. This means that if something doesn't quite make sense (although the instructions are incredibly easy to understand and linear) or you'd like to see what the effect should look like with your eyes, you can simply scan the code and watch the video as a secondary reference.

The tricks explained have been used by many magicians to create viral videos across all platforms.

All of the biggest magic influencers such as Dan Rhodes, Joel M, Julius Dein, Stephen Mulhern, Dynamo, Troy, and so many more have all used Luke's tricks to create viral content.

The tricks in this book are great for professionals and amateurs alike.

It's 2023, and as soon as you tell your spectator that you are a magician, their phone is whipped out and you're on video in seconds. What will look better on their video? Your 14-phase ace assembly, or a mind-blowing, 10-second miracle? The more people that film you at a gig, the more eyes you are in front of.

If you'd like to get into the social media game, Luke is handing you a bank of video ideas on a plate.

In the new book, you will learn 20 visual magic tricks. It's not fair to the backers to list each and every trick, as there is a lot of value in the plots of the tricks as well as the method.

Some of the tricks in this book were previously stand-alone, $10 products (WIPE, Bandersnatch, and LIT Vanish to name a few). Luke has decided to give them a second life by including them in this book.