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It’s easy to learn hundreds of magic tricks thanks to this complete magic package! You'll have so much magic, you won't know what to do first!

 Take your card magic to the next level with the SS Adam’s Deland’s Deck. It may be the only deck you’ll ever need to do magic because it’s marked and stripped. That means you can instantly pull pre-selected cards from a shuffled deck and you have the ability to name the location of any card at any time.

Are you looking for simple, easy to perform magic that has a big impact? Well, it doesn't get much simpler, easier or more amazing then the Magic Makers Crazy Cube. Now you can add some impressive mind reading magic to your show. This magic is easy enough to be performed by novice magicians but still amazing enough to leave experienced performers speechless. Take your performance to the next level with the Magic Makers Crazy Cube!


  • 4 Red Sponge Balls
  • Floating Kit
  • Deland's Automatic Deck (Red)
  • Do You Want to Learn Magic DVD 
    • Includes Self Levitation!
  • Mysto Thumb Tip
  • Red 6 Inch Magician's Silk
  • Crazy Cube
  • Instructions and Online Link for Additional Training

Get ready to add some wow-worthy routines to your magic arsenal with this package set!