Icarus by Christian Grace

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 mid-air restoration of a torn playing card - that ends totally clean.

Icarus is a trick only Christian Grace could create. An effortless display of insane visuals, but with a satisfying & practical method.

As the broken pieces are thrust towards the table, they unite in mid-air to end as a completely clean, inspectable solid.

It's an effortless display of insane visuals but with a satisfying practical method.

It's fun - it's fast and the restoration happens in mid-air - or as it lands in the spectator's hands.

  • Ready-made Gimmick
  • Fully Customizable
  • Durable
  • Reusable
Each gimmick is handmade in the US by the Ellusionist Team's expert gimmick-maker, 'Davey Rockit'.

It's designed to be completely universal, so it doesn't matter if you're left or right-handed... It fits to you.

Icarus also comes ready-made in the box, we include everything you need to perform it within minutes. No annoying DIY.

And although it comes pre-made with a Blue Bicycle Rider Back design, it can be fully customized to any deck.

NOTE: Because each gimmick is handmade, for precision and durability, they are only available in limited quantities.

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