Legacy Collection: 10 Book Set by Ellusionist

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In this special collectors edition box set, you'll discover over 30 effects on essential plots in the art of mentalism.

Legacy is a refined collection of Peter Turner's best material. Commemorating 10 years of originality that has helped reshape the mentalism space forever.

In this special edition box set, you'll discover 10 curated books on essential plots in the art of mentalism.

Ellusionist worked with Peter Turner to cherry-pick from hundreds of original ideas, presentations, effects & lines of theory.

Legacy is the very best of, the greatest hits, the anthology of the most prolific creator alive today.

This is a MUST HAVE add-on for any collector or aspiring mentalist.

Watch Peter Turner perform 5 powerhouse routines from the 30 taught in the Legacy Collection Book Set

NOTE: For those wondering, this is completely different to Pete's Masterclass Series. There may be some crossover of effects, but this is a curated 'Greatest Hits' - and not just the Masterclass PDF's in book form.