Magnetic Coins by Dr. Michael Rubinstein

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A Magnetic Coins routine that does not use magnets!

Simple, Startling, and Surreal!

Two ordinary half dollars are examined. Rub them on your sleeve and suddenly they become magnetic, sticking together! Rub harder, and they become inseparable! No one can separate them until you pass them over a flame from a Bic lighter (or touch them with a key/coin), causing the bond to be instantly broken. Everything can immediately be examined, and you are totally clean!

  • A coin trick you can carry in your pocket, ready to perform at any time.
  • No table needed, perform anywhere!
  • Perfect for stand up, sit down, walk around, or table hopping!
  • Examinable before, during, and after your performance, and you can instantly repeat!
  • Comprehensive video tutorial with two different handlings, including a comedic presentation (or you can develop one of your own)!
  • No difficult sleight of hand needed!
  • Comes complete with gimmick and two regular half dollars!