Music Madness by Mariano Goni

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This will fool your smartest audiences... And it feels as real magic to you! This may be the fairest looking, most impossible music trick you've ever seen.

When your spectators are thinking you are going to do some "procedure" to know their freely selected, thought of song, you snap your fingers, and it starts playing on your phone.

Here's what happens:

You give them a deck of cards with three songs per card, from the last 53 years. They have a free choice to think of any song from a whopping total of 159!

They simply remember it and loose the card back in the deck. No funny moves or controls happen.

You pretend to have an invisible cassette tape in which you write the year they are thinking of. But they never name it.

That's all. You place your phone in their hands, snap your fingers and their chosen song starts playing.