Mystery Card Box by Henry Harrius

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The Mystery Card Box serves as the closer for Henry's strolling/table hopping card act for the past 15 years. It is a devious gimmick that is always ready in your card box, requiring no extra pocket space. All you need is a deck of cards and a sharpie!


You first casually remove the cards from your card box and casually toss it away from you. At the end of your signed card routine (e.g., ambitious card), you point to the card box placed far away from you, emphasizing that you have never touched or come close to it. With your empty hand, you pick up the box and give it a shake, they hear something inside the box (at this moment, they already freaked out!). You then open the box, they see a folded playing card inside. You then dumb it out onto your spectator's hand. They unfold the card, and it is the spectator's signed card!

You can then casually place the deck back into the box, instant reset for your next table (there is no reset at all!).

You can also perform the most logical ending for the Card Under the Box Routine (taught in detail) where at the end the card didn't land under the box, but inside the box.

The Mystery Card Box is a gimmick that can be installed into any of your card boxes. Thanks to its ingenious design, if your card box worn- out, you can remove it and install it into a new one. The gimmick will last a lifetime.

Key points:

  • Deceptive
  • Organic
  • No Setup/Reset, Always Ready
  • Easy to Carry, Take No Extra Pocket Space
  • Perform It with/without Table
  • 2 Solid Routines Included: Henry's Card Under the Box & Ambitious Card
  • Detailed Explanation
  • 15 Years Solid Performing Tips


  • Hand-Made Gimmick (playing cards not included)
  • Over 1 Hour Tutorial