Mystique by Jojo, Bond Lee & MS Magic

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Finally, you've found it! The last piece is needed to complete the ultimate stage or parlor routine: Mystique by Bond Lee, Jojo, and Wenzi!

On stage, a picture frame is hidden beneath a velvet shroud as the magician calls up a volunteer. He presents a box of mixed puzzles pieces and invites the spectator to select one. He also presents a selection of cards, each with a different famous painting on it, and the volunteer chooses one as well.

The shroud is lifted from the frame revealing a puzzle depicting a famous painting. It does not match the spectator's choice though. No problem! The magician once again covers the frame, and, pulling the shroud once more, reveals that the puzzle has transformed to match the selected card. There is just one piece missing. The single piece that the audience member just happened to have selected at the start!

Drawing inspiration from a classic routine by Billy McComb and Earle Lee, Mystique is a magical masterpiece that offers spectators an engaging and interactive plot that is sure to leave them with a lasting memory.

Available in both Stage and Parlor sizes.