The Challenge by Mario Lopez

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The Chinese Charming Challenge got reinvented. Again, by the crazy mind of Spanish FISM Award Winner Mario Lopez

Let Mario fool you with his take on the Chinese charming challenge. And then get yours to fool your spectators as well.

A magical masterpiece, get yours now!

"It is the MOST magical moment I have felt in years."
Chris Ramsay

"I am the president of the Mario Lopez Fan Club. I love his work!"
Kevin James

"Mario's ideas always go beyond the trick itself. It's not about whether or not the coin goes through the string. It's about the mix of sensations in each phase of the presentation. The Challenge is a beautiful piece of magic, solved in an intelligent, visual and entertaining way."
Luis Olmedo

"The magic of Mario is very unique. He questions old trick principles and develops his own; making classic effects even more impossible."