Card Stunts

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A Lesson in Finesse with Playing Cards


Learn from Magic's #1 instructor and world-class entertainer, Ben Salinas. This DVD focuses on moves that can done at the card table. Ben takes you from beginning stunts to incredible advanced techniques that will fry your audiences!

Don't be mistaken, this is NOT collection of mindless card flourishes...these are killer moves that will quickly establish your 'street cred' as a professional card handler to the most seasoned card players.

Whip out a few of these moves at your next poker game and watch them tremble!


Over 80 incredible card stunts!


  • Card Throwing      
  • Card Deals
  • Card Springs           
  • Card Shuffles
  • Card Cutting
  • Card Fans
  • Card Reveals
  • Card Spreads

And a Bonus section: Extreme Showoff Moves !