De'Ring by Devo - DVD

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The hottest selling ring manipulation DVD just got better with a brand new bonus pack!

This bonus pack contains 5 moves/ideas to include De'vo's Tabled Ring-On, Ring Impossible, Up-Side-Down Spin, Max Vlassenko's Paddle Wheel Ring, and Barrett Sylvies Horizontal Mambo. All moves are taught in visual detail with original musical arrangements by De'vo.

This DVD contains simply some of the most powerful and incredible displays of manipulation that you can perform anytime, anywhere! If you do not normally wear a ring, then you will after watching this DVD! De'vo's ring manipulation is simply incredible and has to be seen to be believed! De'vo's amazing style of ring manipulation has been performed and tweaked to perfection over the past 20+ years! Our teaser video and trailer will not show even a small portion of what is on this DVD to protect De'vo's creations. The Speed and Power of this material will have you in disbelief! This is pure manipulation! No trickery, just your hands and a ring, and some of the most wicked moves you will ever witness! 

De' Ring can be used as a stand alone routine or used to create or modify your existing routines. 

De'vo's Core routine features the following - Only one hand is needed, can be done while audience is staring at your hand - no misdirection needed, no false transfers or cover required, no birdy fly moves, no switching fingers, no duplicates, no thimble moves, instant reset, can be examined, performed on the spot, No gimmicks, no angles, can be repeated, can be done surrounded, nothing added or taken away, no patter required. 

This DVD features De'vo's 3 phased core routine along with a large variety of ideas/concepts to take you beyond the core. De' Ring DVD also includes 2 incredible bonuses that use a common band type of ring. 

Magicians - Look NO further! This visually unique material that can easily be woven into all of your existing ring routines. 

Manipulators - This is the material you have been waiting for to break up your card material as an opener, OR closer, OR both! 


- Video Montage - View most all of the wicked moves in the DVD in one incredible montage! 

Things To Know 

4 to Kill

  • 4 things that make De' Ring Kill
  • Ring Types
  • Protecting your finger
  • Ring fit - exact size information
  • Taking off the ring
Technical Overview - very basic overview of what will be learned
  • Basic overview
  • Positions for Ring-Ons
  • Keeping the Stone on Top

De'vo's Core Routine
  • Intro w/studio/live performance clips (9 minutes!)
  • Mock performance
  • Tight Ring (both real and mock versions)
  • Flash-On
  • Deceptive
  • Finale
  • In depth on the "Hook"
  • Combo Demo
Beyond the Core
  • Intro
  • Transfer-On
  • Magical transfer
  • The Wave
  • Basic Spin
  • Around the World Spin
  • Spin to Palm-On
  • Palm Spin
  • Palm spin to Ring-On
  • Tap-On
  • Hand to Hand Transfers
  • Transfers (standard and multiple)
  • Tosses (Finger toss and thumb toss)
  • False Transfers (Thumb Palm, Half Pass, French toss Drop, Shadow Ring-On)

Gryphon Roll
  • The Gryphon roll - back and forth
De'vo's Insanity Ladder
  • Types of Rings
  • The Lift
  • 2 Rung Roll
  • The Tip-On
  • Final Ring-On
  • Flipback Toss to Ring-On
  • Advanced Ideas
De'vo's Tabled Ring-On
De'vo's Ring Impossible
De'vo's Up-Side-Down Spin
Max Vlassenko's Paddle Wheel Ring
Barrett Sylvies Horizontal Mambo

De'vo's material has been kept underground and very limited until NOW!