Metal 1

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our teacher is from the underground... Eric Jones. Directed by Brad Christian, this DVD was designed to serve as a full-service, gimmickless reference guide to coin magic.

Brad wanted a single full-scale DVD that could range from beginner all the way through advanced, and give beautiful instruction along with ALL the moves you could ever want to learn ---- including the latest guarded sleights and the most devious moves of the past.

When you acquire Metal, you will own a reference guide to becoming great. That much will be obvious. So sit back, click Play, and get to work.

Finger palm
Ramsay subtlety
Classic palm
Kaps / Malini subtlety
Holding out multiples
Thumb palm
Downs palm
Buckley production
Mutobe palm
Curl palm
Edge grip
Goshman / Tenkai pinch
JW grip
Gallo production
Korn production
Mutobe production
The pop
French pop

Quick vanish
Elusive vanish
Retention vanish
Stylized retention pass

Click pass
Jones pass
Roth shuttle pass
Utility switch
Wiped clean
Townshend Hand washing
Bobo switch
Jones switch
Benzais Friction palm
Han Ping Chien

Dr. E.M. Roberts sleeving
Parallel sleeve vanish
Sleeve retrieval

4-coin coins across
Using a jumbo coin
Simplex 3 fly
Loose change
Bluff vanish
Jones spellbound

Getting caught
Closing thoughts

Coin rolldown
Five coin star
Arm roll