Classicho Kirin Dice by TCC Magic

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Revamped Flash Dice: Simplified and Modified Design, Two Distinct Effects.

Mentalism possesses a unique allure in the realm of magic, captivating the minds of a select few, sometimes just one individual. The true enchantment lies in the personal connection shared between the performer and the audience participant. Historically, this form of magic was exclusive, reserved for royals and aristocrats, beyond the reach of the general public.

To introduce more breathtaking and visually captivating mentalism effects, various magic apparatus and accessories, including dice props, have been created. Among them, one dice prop stands out as a true classic in the world of magic. Its magical effect is captivating, and its principle is cleverly designed, making it even suitable for children's magic sets.

This extraordinary prop is known as the Flash Dice. We're sure that upon seeing its appearance and configuration, you will immediately recognize it. However, we have delved deeper into the possibilities this simple prop holds and devised new, innovative, and improved ideas.

Upon observation, we realized that although the effect is astonishing and the principle is clever, once the magic method is known, even an audience member without prior experience in magic can operate and use it. This diminishes the impact of the magic effect and exposes the secret. Through further experimentation and interaction with the prop, a completely new design for its structure came to fruition.

First and foremost, we believe that while the visual appeal of the effect is captivating, the routine lacks variety, as it is limited to just a single transformation effect. Even when incorporating number cards or ESP symbols, the routine's basic nature remains the same. Additionally, serving as the container and catalyst for the magic effect, the box possesses peculiar dimensions and structure, arousing suspicion from the audience. Furthermore, the overall combination appears lackluster, making the magic effect seem relatively inferior compared to similar props.

Considering these factors, we conceived a plan to revamp the box, altering its appearance to transform the visual perception. We simplified the mechanism's structure and seamlessly integrated it with the redesigned appearance. By modifying the original rectangular dimensions to a square shape and streamlining the mechanism, we addressed concerns regarding audience interaction. This modification also brings forth two different methods of operation, resulting in two distinct magic effects and a more diverse routine.

This transformation elevates the product into an innovative classic magic prop. Finally, by combining high-end Ebony wood materials with meticulously handcrafted rosewood dice, we proudly present to you - The Kirin Dice.

  • Simplified structure to prevent the audience from activating the gimmick.
  • Modified from rectangular to square shape for a more aesthetic and efficient design.
  • New design with the simplified mechanism allows for two different methods of operation, resulting in two distinct magic effects and a more diverse magic routine.
  • Made from black Rosewood materials and features exquisitely handcrafted Rosewood dice, enhancing its overall appeal and quality.
  • Three dice made of Ebony wood inlaid with yellow box wood
  • Three dice made of Blood Rosewood inlaid with yellow box wood
  • One Ebony wood box
  • Dice: 20mm side length, 1.5mm rounded corners, weighs 7g
  • Box: 78.5mm x 78.5mm x 45mm, weighs 164g
Note: Measurements are taken manually. Please allow for some room for error.