Find the Stuff That's You book

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Solve your "performance puzzles"

Find the Stuff That's You! contains over 50 new pages of revised and up-to-date information over the original publication including:
  • How to handle audience volunteers
  • How to publicize your act
  • How to compete in the real world
Discover who you are and let the audience in on it!

Chapters include:
  • Testing... 1... 2... 3
  • Wave a Wand... Pass the Kleenex
  • So You Wanna Be Spectacular
  • Last Word in Club Competition
  • Be a Pathetic Prestidigitator
  • How to Be an Entertainer
  • How to Really Talk to an Audience
  • How to Work with Volunteers
  • How to Do School Shows
  • Put Music in Your Act
  • How to Publicize Yourself
  • Make Old Ideas Work Like New
  • Compete in the Real World
  • and Much much more!
"Chris Carey is a positive thinker, a professional communicator and a successful magician. Anyone wanting interesting reading, insightful anecdotes and sound advice will value this book."
- Michael Ammar

"Find the Stuff That's You! will help many to shorten the difficult road they must travel for success."
- Mark Wilson

Other magicians have chimed in on how great this book like:
Stan Allen, Franz Harary, Hank Moorehouse, Johnny Ace Palmer, Abb Dickson, Karrell Fox, David Ginn, Samuel Patrick Smith, and Mr. Electric himself Marvyn Roy!

"An extremely interesting collection of thought-provoking eassays on magic, magicians and theory-and recommended reading for every serious student of magic."
- Marvin Roy

Pages 320 - Hardbound