Book of Magic Bollocks by The Great Sebastiano - Book

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From his mysteriously soiled laptop keyboard, The Great Sebastiano has created a magical work of unprecedented bile and vitriol. Whether you're an embittered professional magician working the corporate scene, or a spunky young scamp aspiring to take that first step into the real art of magic, this book provides some entertaining insight...and quite a few swear words.

With sections on cards, coins, everyday stuff, The Great Sebastiano guides you through some of the essential sleights that every true magician should have in his or her repertoire. There are full routines to illustrate the techniques, lots of photographs, advice on performing and creating magic in the real world, and pig-headed opinions on lots more besides.

You will never amount to anything if you do not buy this book.

Pages: 213 - 6" x9" - Black and white illustrations and photos