Nick Lewin's 20-2-10s - DVD

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20-2-10s is a powerful piece of comedy sleight of hand that can add a double kicker to any magic show. It can be presented close-up or in a full sized theater and is the rare trick that is just as effective in either environment. For many years this effect has been a highlight of Nick's professional show and lecture and now, by popular demand, has been expanded and released on this DVD.

The DVD contains hints, tips and teaches the correct handling of the classic "$100 Bill Switch", "Card in Wallet", and other effects that it touches upon. More importantly this informal master class gives invaluable insight into how to perform small magic and allow it to play back in the last row of a theater. This is a skill that not only makes you a more versatile performer but will also put more money in your bank account!

Whether you use 20-2-10s as a stand-alone trick or the perfect double punch to a burnt and restored banknote routine this is a trick you will use often. Fast, simple and direct this effect is commercial magic at it's very best and might prove to be one of your favorite "go to" routines.

"20-2-10s is always in my pocket and in my shows."
- Jason Andrews - Grand Master of the Illusionarium