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In this first book of the series, Aire revisits some of her older work and breathes new life into it as only she can. These effects were first made available 5 years ago on Lybrary, and it is only now that these are being released with all of Aire's latest updates and subtleties. Discover these previously disregarded gems for yourself, and find out why I wished I could have kept Aire and her work to myself for, at least, a little longer. Something Old includes 4 close-up routines and 1 for stage:

Impromptu Book Test - The performer borrows a book. She asks the participant to take out their mobile phone and access the calculator. The participant then multiplies a string of random, single-digit numbers. (If you prefer, you could have everyone at the table do this, so they can see that all the totals are, in fact, different. Then have them select one of the totals.) The person has generated a random page number and turns to the page inside that book. They are then asked to focus on a word on the freely selected page, and the Mentalist instantly divines the exact word they are thinking of. This is self-working and doesn't require access to the participant's phone before hand - NO TOXIC FORCE.

Impromptu Dictionary Test - The Mentalist hands out a Dictionary to be examined (it is un-gimmicked in every way). The spectator generates a random page number and turns to that page in the Dictionary. The spectator chooses a word on that page (they really do have free choice of ANY word on the page). The Mentalist then tells the participant to repeat their word over and over again in their mind and after a short time is able to divine with one hundred percent accuracy, that exact word!

Which Hand Method 1 - A rubber ball is introduced and your participant is asked to place the ball behind their back and place it into either hand. They then bring their hands around their front and, after a few seconds, the Mentalist is able to accurately guess which hand is holding the ball. This can be repeated as many times as you wish, and the object does not have to be a ball. You can use other objects such as a coin, if you so desire.

Which Hand Method 2 - The Long Con - The performer proposes to play 3 games of chance with her subject to prove she is the master of 'the long con'. Each time successfully divining the hand NOT holding the coin. This is done 2 times in a row and, for the final phase, the subject is asked to think of an image or random word. The Mentalist once again predicts the empty hand! The Mentalist, now smiling, asks the subject to shake the coin up to ensure either heads or tails is randomly face up. Without even flinching, the Mentalist says - "It's heads up -- I knew it would be before we started. Do you believe me? I was so sure it would be heads, I even put a huge cross through the tails side to prove it". After the participant has calmed down, the Mentalist asks the participant to say out loud the word or image they are thinking of. "DOG" the subject bellows proudly, thinking there is no way anyone could have ever known this word. The Mentalist turns over the prediction that has been there the entire time. A picture of a dog is drawn on the paper!

Staple Gun Roulette - Five staple guns are on a table in front of the audience. Everyone watching is asked to think of a number from 1-5. A random member of the audience is then asked to come onto the stage and the guns are numbered 1-5 by the participant.

The participant is then told to imagine that the number they chose is the loaded gun and is to leave the gun with that number on the table at all times. He/She picks up one of the other guns (the number is noted on a large pad) and holds it to the Mentalists eye and is told to pull the trigger... Click... the gun is safe. The participant is then asked to repeat this with another gun (again the number is noted)... Click... the gun is safe. This is repeated until two guns remain. It is now down to a 50/ 50; The participant picks up another gun, holds it to the Mentalist's eye, is asked to slowly count to three and pull the trigger. 1............. 2............... 3... Click... Arghhhhhhhhhhh the performer screams! The audience panics and then the Mentalists looks up and smiles. He waits until the audience calms down and then asks the subject to pick the last gun up and aim it at a balloon and pull the trigger.... BANG!.. the balloon bursts! The audience goes wild.

The performer waits until the applause dies down and then points to the numbers on the board, producing an envelope. The participant opens the envelope and the Mentalist has successfully predicted the exact order the guns will be picked up and used.

This is incredible thinking from one of the best-kept secrets in Mentalism - so good that I doubt it would have stayed hidden for very long - which is why I am proud to be able to offer this unique work to my direct customers, first. I predict we will be hearing a lot more from Aire Allegro - now that she has decided to finally break her silence and begin to share her work with the rest of us.