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Jon Armstrong: Taking Charge in Life and On Set
By Chris Philpott
More than just the man behind the Tiny Plunger, Jon Armstrong has long been a successful magician. Yet he found a new outlook for his performing work when he seriously started directing other magicians' acts and made some changes in his offstage life as well. Plus, here Jon teaches his Strong Arm Tactics effect.

Breathe Magic
By Alan Howard
Based in the UK, Breathe Magic is an organization that is taking the tools of conjuring and clinical research and applying them to patients in need of physical therapy, with great success.

The Legendary Richiardi Jr.
By Levent
Following reluctantly in the footsteps of his father, Aldo Izquierdo Colosi turned from his beloved singing and dancing to become arguably the finest illusionist in the world. While the Peruvian magician died in 1985, Richiardi's legend endures, with many of his props now rescued and preserved in David Copperfield's International Museum & Library of the Conjuring Arts.

Mural, Mural on the Wall
By Rory Johnston
Four artists spread their magic in a big way, spray-painting scenes of magic across the sides of buildings. These New York-area graffiti artists are "the magic crew" who, with permission, brighten neighborhoods with scenes of rabbits in hats, Houdini, and other iconic images.

Plus Updates on...
  • Christian Farla's Night of Illusions.
  • Murphy's Magic donations to Military Heroes.
  • A glance at some upcoming conventions.
Bonus Content for the February Issue...
  • Video tutorial of Jon Armstrong's Strong Arm Tactics.
  • Audio file of Jon Armstrong discussing directing walk-around magic with Chris Philpott.
  • Time lapse video of Richiardi's Buzz Saw being assembled.
  • Video instruction for Casshan Wallace's True Link.
  • Template for Martin Lewis' Instant Coffee prop.
  • All 21 of the products reviewed in the February issue, plus 546 reviews from previous issues, are all now available at the fully searchable "Marketplace" section of M360.