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LUXURY FOR THE MODERN CARDICIAN. Over two years in the making, our first offering from the Mint Collection is the highly anticipated Launch Edition MINT Playing Cards. A modern approach to classic playing card design that radiates elegance, class, and luxury. Learn the secrets of the Mint design below. A MERGER OF FORM & FUNCTION We wanted to create a worker's deck. A pack of 52 cards that merges form with function. Using a classical approach to design, the goal was to develop a look that is familiar, but fresh. The elegant repeating pattern evokes the decks that have survived the test of time. After we established the look, we focused on the feel. The true mark of a card is how it handles. Mint is printed by the United States Playing Card Company on the highest quality card stock available. Each card coated is with the legendary Air Cushion Finish to provide for the smoothest spread, fans, and shuffles. Your hands deserve nothing but the best. FOR MAGICIANS, BY MAGICIANS Mint playing cards were developed from the ground up with practitioners of sleight of hand and illusion in mind. The custom design offers a modern, yet familiar look to classic playing card design. The back design features a groundbreaking marking system and each Mint deck includes several powerful gaff cards for magicians to take clever advantage of. FEATURES MODERN DESIGN The Mint design offers a graceful balance between modern and classic playing card design. It's a classy look while still coming across as a completely ordinary pack of cards. GROUNDBREAKING MARKING SYSTEM The Mint Marking system is incredibly subtle, yet easy to read. It's based on a clock design so if you can read the time, you can read the Mint markings. TRADITIONALLY CUT Traditionally Cut cards help facilitate faro shuffling and other card weaving techniques PREMIUM CARD QUALITY Mint is printed by the US Playing Card Company on premium card stock and air cushion finish. The cards have that perfect snap and spread like butter. Higher quality cards do not exist. BONUS GAFF CARDS Each Mint deck includes an extra double backer, and double facer card. These gaff cards can be incredibly powerful tools for the magician. THIN BORDERS The extra thin white borders that frame Mint design help create more aesthetic spreads and fans. THE MINT MARKING SYSTEM Mint playing cards are a tool; and like great magic, they hide their best kept secret in plain sight. An innovative marking system opens up and endless world of possibilities. The system is perfectly camouflaged by the Mint design and is dead simple to read if you know what to look for. If you can read a clock, you can read the Mint Marking System. Unique 16 spot systemIntuitive Clock Based DesignSubtle, yet quick to readSuits in SHoCkeD orderMarkings readable in low lightClearly visible from a distance BLACK MINT The original Mint we launched comes in a jet black back design with thin borders. The Black Mint is printed on casino grade Bee stock so the cards are extra thick and durable. Printed on casino grade Bee card stock RASPBERRY MINT The same Mint design and features printed with a rich red. The card stock for the Raspberry Mint is crushed extra thin so that the cards are especially flexible and snappy. Printed on thin crushed Bicycle card stock MINT VERSUS BICYCLE Bicycle playing cards have served card handlers and magicians well for many years. With Mint, we aim to provide a modern alternative with custom design, greater functionality, and premium quality card stock.