SEOL'S TUMBLER (Cup & Ball With Straw)

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A new MUST for all Cups and Balls lovers - SEOL'S TUMBLER

A small, yet exciting, touch on the classic effect -- a tumbler and a straw for the classic Cups and Balls routine. 

With ordinary objects we use every day, you will be able to perform a sweet one-cup routine. 

SEOL'S TUMBLER even includes an additional special version of Cups and Balls for YOU to perform! 

For the grand finale, after the final cookie-load, you will be able to produce any 'drink' from the tumbler. 

Without any loading moves, without any cup switches - ANY DRINK you want! 

If you like Cups & Balls, SEOL'S TUMBLER is a MUST for you. 


- Strong straw 
- Candy ball 
- Beverage system 
- Performance video 
- Explanation video