Sub Rosa by Ariel Frailich

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Sub Rosa is a wonderfully deceptive and versatile utility technique that you can learn in seconds and master in minutes. It can be applied to a huge variety of closeup and stage magic and mentalism: transpositions and transformations, predictions and divinations, Torn and Restored and penetration effects, card matching and color separations, and much more. 

Over sixty effects are included, such as: 

Stage Magic
  • Good Evening: A message appears on a blank sheet of paper crumpled up by a spectator. Fully scripted.
  • Losing Face: A selected card becomes blank, and its face appears printed on a handkerchief held by the spectator.
  • After the Fact: A very clean handling for borrowed-object-to-impossible-location effects.
Stage Mentalism
  • A Squeeze of Deception: Without ever touching them, you correctly determine the dates of three borrowed coins held by a volunteer on stage. With several variations, including a design duplication effect.
  • The Game of Keys: Several spectators try to win a borrowed watch. Complete with cheeky game show host, cheering section and consolation prizes. Fully scripted.
  • Spodomancy: You predict a merely thought-of card, burn the prediction slip and use the ashes to reveal a selected card in an eerie way.
Close-Up Magic
  • Changing Roles: A spectator holds a gold ring, you hold a silver coin. Instead of the two objects changing places, the metals transpose. Fully scripted.
  • A Simple Color Separation: Simple, direct version of Out of This World, using a small number of cards. Spectator can shuffle at any point. No crossover/color switching.
  • Fast Boat to China: A borrowed coin placed in an envelope turns into a Chinese coin. Fully scripted.
Close-Up Mentalism
  • Underhanded Heads-Up: You predict the date of a coin freely selected through elimination. Uses ordinary coins.
  • Triplets and Trios: A very clean prediction (or divination by spectators) of three numbers, letters, words, images, etc. With fully scripted presentations inspired by Koran's Gold Medallion, Becker's Casino Royale, Rutledge's Minding the Store, plus travel destinations, a night on the town, a murder mystery, and many more.
  • The Sub Rosa Index: Prediction system with up to 8 outs. Numerous presentation possibilities.
Plus, a headline prediction, a Cups and Balls technique, a key bending effect, a card revelation, a finale for the Linking Pins, a spirit writing and a spirit photography effect, book tests and more. 

Many effects have fully scripted presentations. There are humorous routines, straight pieces, and even a couple of Bizarre effects. Themes include: an experiment in Dr. Rhine's ESP lab; learning card tricks; dead celebrities; winning at Bingo; bad luck at cards, even with the help of magic; a murderer; a dead clown; a would-be student of divination; good luck charms; tattoos; voodoo; and more. 

Last but not least, with the Sub Rosa technique, you can often use inexpensive, ordinary items instead of specialized apparatus to accomplish similar effects. 

Hardcover, 6 x 9 in, 180 pages.